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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

X Drake

X Drake

X Drake

Japanese Name:     X・ドレーク(ディエス・ドレーク)
Romanized Name:     Diesu Dorēku
English Name:     X. Drake
First Appearance:     Chapter 498; Episode 392
Affiliations:     Drake Pirates, Marines (defected)
Occupations:     Pirate; Captain; Marine Rear Admiral (former)
Epithet:     "Red Flag"
Japanese VA:     Eiji Takemoto
Age:     31 (debut)[1]
33 (after timeskip)[2]
Birthday:     October 24th (SBS);[3]
October 10th (databook)[4]
Height:     233cm (7'6") (debut)[1]
Bounty:     Beli Small222,000,000

X Drake is a former Marine rear admiral[5] from North Blue, that has become a pirate and captain of the Drake Pirates.[6] He is one of the eleven rookie pirates with bounties over Beli100,000,000 who have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas" on Sabaody Archipelago.


Drake is a lean and muscular man who wears what appears to be a combination of a white-plumed cocked hat with his crew's Jolly Roger on the side and a mask over his eyes. Underneath this headgear, Drake's hair is reddish brown, with brush-like sideburns. On his broad chin he has an "X" (not confirmed to be either a scar or tattoo) and on his chest and upper body he also has another large "X". The "X's", as well as that in his name, represent the Roman Numeral X for 10, not the English letter. When seen from above, his bicorne greatly resembles the head of a Pterodactyl.

He wears armour on his relatively thin legs and arms consisting of knee-high boots and gloves that go up past his elbows, respectively. The openings to both the gloves and the boots are also secured by the armour, which is rounded for the gloves and a sharp maple leaf pattern for the boots at the front of his knees. On the rest of his body he wears leather pants and a leather shirt. A belt with a large ornately designed circular belt buckle secures Drake's pants as well as his sword and axe to his waist. He also wears a black cape, which, from the inside, is crimson-colored, with a white fur lining around the neck.

After the war on the summit, he is seen wearing a scarf tied around his neck when he appeared on a winter island that was apparently under the protection of Kaido.

As a child, Drake wore a small tattered Marine uniform, showing that he aspired to become a Marine since he was very young. He had a rounder face, shorter hair, and a wooden sword at his side. He did not have the "X" on his chin yet. He appears to have been a playful and cheerful boy, as opposed to the stern and serious man he grew up to be.

In Oda's post-timeskip depiction of the Supernovas, Drake no longer has his bicorne, exposing his now light orange hair spiked into a fauxhawk. He also has a black headband with an eyehole that is slanted so it only goes over his left eye.


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