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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney

Japanese Name:     ジュエリー・ボニー
Romanized Name:     Juerī Bonī
English Name:     Jewelry Bonney
First Appearance:     Chapter 498; Episode 392
Affiliations:     Bonney Pirates
Occupations:     Pirate; Captain
Epithet:     Big Eater (大喰らい Ō-Gurai?)
Japanese VA:     Reiko Kiuchi
Age:     22 (estimated, debut) [1]
24 (estimated, after timeskip)
Birthday:     September 1st[2]
Height:     174cm (5'8½") (debut)[1]
Bounty:     Beli Small140,000,000

Jewelry Bonney is the captain of the Bonney Pirates and a South Blue native.[3] She is one of the eleven pirates who have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas".


Bonney is a slim woman (despite the enormous amount of food she is capable of eating), with long pink hair and purple eyes. She can also appear as a small child due to her Devil Fruit power:[4] In this form, she has similar, although obviously more childish, facial features, and is not as tall nor as buxom as in her adult form.

Her outfit consists of a white low-cut tank top that exposes both her midriff and cleavage, along with a pair of orange-and-black striped buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders. She also wears black high-heeled boots which reach up to her calves, with large laces coming from the openings, and a pair of hot pink and dark red stockings with a yellow sun-like motif on them (a pattern seen other times in the One Piece world). The hat she wears is a green Furażerka with a light-green lining. She has an anti-eyebrow below her right eye, bright red lipstick on her lips, and is sometimes seen wearing a brown furred jacket.

In an SBS section, Oda drew the Supernovas as children. Bonney is shown with shoulder-length hair as opposed to her current back-length hair and a rounder face. Her clothes and face are somewhat dirty showing that since childhood she had a huge appetite.

In Oda's depiction of the Supernovas post-timeskip, Bonney is shown wearing a black hat (possibly a sunhat similar to Usopp's, judging by the rim) with a brown furred coat or cloak. She also uses pink lipstick as opposed to red one.


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