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Sunday, January 6, 2013


One Piece Seagull

Japanese Name: シーガル
Romanized Name: Shīgaru
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 0; Episode 0
Affiliations: Roger Pirates (former)
Occupations: Pirate (former)

Seagull was a member of the Roger Pirates at the time of the Battle of Edd War. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Seagull is a large, bald, dark-skinned man who wears a black shirt. He has fat lips and long defined nose with a pig-like snout.


Seagull was seen on the Oro Jackson prior to the battle with Shiki at Edd War. He was later seen entering the fight. His whereabouts following the battle and the later death of his captain are unknown.


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