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Sunday, January 6, 2013


One Piece Crocus

Japanese Name: クロッカス
Romanized Name: Kurokkasu
English Name: Crocus
First Appearance: Chapter 102, Episode 62
Affiliations: Roger Pirates (former), Laboon
Occupations: Doctor; Lighthouse Keeper; Pirate (former)
Japanese VA: Goro Naya
Funi English VA: Jerry Russell
Age: 71 (debut)
73 (after timeskip)
Birthday: January 4th

Crocus is a doctor and the whale Laboon's caretaker as well as the overseer of the Twin Capes Lighthouse that guides ships coming down from Reverse Mountain into the Grand Line. Though he was a lighthouse keeper for most of his life, he spent three years as a doctor serving as a part of Gol D. Roger's crew.


Crocus has an appearance based off the flower with the same name, as seen with the petals around his head. He has a rather stocky and muscular body, is bald on the top of his head, but with white hair with yellow flower petal-like things, that have purple near the bottom of them, and a white beard that splits in two parts. His lower lip is noticeably larger than his upper.
He wears a pink shirt with a yellow and green stripe with purple circles in the yellow along with blueish-grey shorts with sandals. He also wears glasses, a seaweed necklace, three gold bracelets, and a green-gem bracelet on his left wrist. He also has a scar on his left arm.
24 years ago, he had black hair, with yellow parts sticking out resembling a flower. His face was less wrinkled, and he wore a pink hat with black spots on it. He did not have a beard, but instead just had stubble.
As a member of the Roger Pirates, he wore a pink sleeveless shirt, dark pink hat, and carried harpoons on his back. His beard and hair were still black, and he seemed to be more muscular.
After the timeskip, he has basically the same clothes, but with a new dark colored shirt with pictures on it.


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